29 minutes | Nov 11th 2020

Ep. 83 - Disfiguring Accidents Require Conscious SEL Skills from Everyone, with Margaret Kugler, MS

When traumatic accidents occur, resulting in serious injuries and permanent disfiguration, knowledgable guidance is essential for healing and for everyone's ability to adapt, constructively, to build the best possible life, moving forward.  Margaret Kugler, MS,  is the Transition Coordinator for children who come from all over the country to Shriners Hospital in Northern California for healing (physically, emotionally and socially).   When it's time for them to return to school and start rebuilding their lives, Margaret goes to their school, anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska, to  make sure everyone (students, teachers and school staff) share a clear understanding about how best to get life back to "normal"  for injured/permanently disfigured students.

Margaret shared the following resources with us, and added that there are lots of camps, adaptive sports and activity organizations, as well:

For more information about Shriners Hospital, go to:  http://shrinerschildrens.org/      phone:  916.453.2000

Support for survivors of serious burns:  https://www.phoenix-society.org/

Support for survivors of spinal cord injuries:  https://asia-spinalinjury.org/

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