46 minutes | Sep 19th 2020

Ep. 81 - CONSENT - a very important SEL topic, with Sarah Casper

We all know that communication… clear, honest and mutually respectful communication is a foundational element of solid social emotional skills. Today’s guest has developed an approach that focuses in on a very specific channel of communication: CONSENT.

Sarah Casper, will give us an overview of her understanding about the day-by-day, hour-by-hour, year-by-year relevance of consent …. we even had time for a few deep dives into specific examples of the relevance of this topic which revolves, to different degrees, depending on circumstances, around cooperation, boundary-setting, collaboration, communication and so much more.

I’m really excited for all of us to learn from Sarah Casper - who, by nature, is a deep thinking, creative and nurturing woman.

And so, there you have it. Much to think about, eh?  Want to learn more about Sarah’s valuable insights and contributions? Check out her website: https://comprehensiveconsent.com

And her Instagram page, called ComprehensiveConsent, is filled with tiny treasures of wisdom that will easily find their way into your life.

Any questions? Any comments? Let me know. I love to hear from listeners and learn from you. Another thing I love is when people take a couple of minutes to rate this podcast with stars and write a kind comment… even a few words will make this podcast more visible, for everyone’s benefit. Thank you so much.

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