44 minutes | Sep 8th 2020

Ep. 80 - Stretching Possibilities & SEL, with Monick Halm

There was so much  I appreciated about this conversation. In particular, the fact that my guest, Monick Halm, independently grew her on social emotional skills by noticing what worked for her peers and then she experimented with bringing those observations into her own interactions. I also love what Monick shared with us about the power and importance of being with our kids and our students exactly as who THEY are, not how we think they should be.... how that genuine acceptance liberates them to develop according to their own rhythms and propensities.   Love that!!!!  Powerful lessons for us teachers and parents, and if we take those lessons inside ourselves rather than trying to lecture the kids in our care, the real value of those lessons will deepen into benefits for all.

If you’re curious to learn more about the other things Monick was sharing with us, get her free downloadable book. In it she unpacks ALL of the real estate concepts and opportunities you’ve heard of, and a whole lot more about real estate that you’ve probably never heard of but will very likely find quite interesting. The link to the FREE book is: https://s3.amazonaws.com/kajabi-storefronts-production/sites/23254/downloads/Wie1G1JbQBSSBYFVOe68_REIG-Guide-_1-to-_1M_7-1.pdf

Monick’s 3-day online workshop, starting Friday, September 18, 2020, might not be interesting to you, but if you are interested even though that 3 day’s worth of workshop is more than you can imagine when you think about all your other responsibilities, the free upgrade she’s provided to the audience of the Big Picture Social Emotional Learning podcast, does make it possible to have access to all the recordings of the workshop so you can listen when you DO have time.  

It might seem weird or out-of-place that I invited Monick Halm onto this podcast, but as we all know, money has a major impact on the social and emotional sides of our lives, either by the amount of stress that it causes or that it relieves, and I just thought why not?  Teachers, as we said in our conversation, are criminally underpaid... and I really like that Monick has a strong reputation as a trusted guide for helping women to establish some passive income.    I haven't taken her program, and probably like you, I kinda feel like I don't have the bandwidth for it ... but I'm not saying 'never,' either.

The link for the landing page to the event that starts on Friday, September 18, 2020 is in the show’s notes…: https://www.realestateinvestorgoddesses.com/wtre-virtual-even Just type in the code TEACHERS to get the special upgrade.

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