47 minutes | Jun 26th 2020

Ep. 76 - How to Live (Happily) with Tech & Kids, with Jordan Shapiro, Ph.D.

This conversation is dedicated to all parents (and teachers, too) who are seriously concerned about the powerful draw that technology, anything tech, has on today’s kids.

Jordan Shapiro is, among many other qualifications, a senior fellow with the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Street Workshop, where he does research on how technology impacts childhood. His research and accomplishments are wide-ranging, as is the respect he’s earned nationally and internationally. You can check out this show’s notes to gain more specifics about Jordan’s long list of qualifications as a trust-worthy guide for our thinking around this mega-challenging topic… which most definitely impacts kids’ social and emotional learning and the well-being of family relationships.

But, academic qualifications aside, Jordan practices what his research reveals in real day-to-day life, with his two sons, which is why I’m especially grateful to him for carving time out of his schedule for this conversation.

In Jordan’s important book, titled The New Childhood, you can read about much more of the groundbreaking research in economics, psychology, philosophy, and education, which shows how technology is actually a necessary element of a brighter future for today’s children… one in which they’ll be able to create better models of global citizenship, connection, and community.

And again, Jordan doesn’t just provide research, he also shares practical advice, with actionable approaches for using technology to engage with kids, in order to nurture their well-rounded development… and growth into a world we can barely imagine.

Here’s a really helpful article by Jordan: https://ideas.ted.com/screen-time-can-also-be-family-time-heres-how-to-do-it/

Portions of Jordan’s CV:

WRITING, PUBLICATIONS, CONFERENCES ● The New Childhood: Raising Kids to Thrive in a Connected World ○ December 31, 2018. Publisher: Little, Brown and Co.; Hachette. ● “Joan Ganz Cooney Center Guide to Digital Play for Global Citizens” ○ Published March 2018 ○ In partnership with Sesame Workshop, The Asia Society, Grable Foundation ● Online Learning Consortium Annual Conference ○ Innovations in Digital Education ○ Keynote Address (Nashville, April 2018) ● UNESCO – Mahatma Ghandi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainability ○ Keynote Address (Viskhapatnam, December 2017) ● Global Education and Skills Forum ○ EdTalk, (Dubai, March 2018) ● “An Ancient Education for Modern Democracy and Global Citizenship” ○ The Brookings Institution. ○ Authored with George Papandreou (former Prime Minister, Greece) ● Moscow Education Forum ○ Keynote Address, September 2017 2 ● World Economic Forum: “Realizing Human Potential in The Fourth Industrial Era: An Agenda For Leaders To Shape The Future of Education, Gender, Work” (2017) ○ Steering Committee and Expert Advisor ● Critical Thinking with Video Games ○ Lectures for Thomas Edison State University flagship course to begin Fall 2016 ○ Course design, video appearances, assignment and activity creation. ● TEDxPSUBerks “Education Needs More Friction And Less Fractions” ○ TEDTalk. Delivered November 2014. ● MindShift’s Guide To Digital Games And Learning. ○ Blog series and downloadable PDF guide, sponsored by Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

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