27 minutes | May 26th 2020

Ep. 71 - Growth Mindset for Better Lives, with Mary Cay Ricci

Mary Cay Ricci is a life-long educator, having been an elementary and middle school teacher, instructional specialist and central office administrator. She was also an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University Graduate School of Education for 8 years. Mary Cay has been applying Carol Dweck's growth mindset research to classrooms, schools and districts since 2009. 

Listening to this episode, you'll understand why Mary Cay is a popular keynote speaker and consultant who loves to help administrators, teachers and parents appreciate the innumerable advantages of becoming growth mindset thinkers.

Be sure to head over to her website (https://marycayricci.com/) to get access to her FREE Ready-To-Use resources she was telling us about.

Oh, and ... people aren't the only ones with GROWTH MINDSET ... check out the coolest,  most persevering kitten

Here are children learning about how to engage GROWTH MINDSET with other children... this time around an art project.


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