52 minutes | May 14th 2020

Ep. 70 - Developing Developmental Relationships, with Kent Pekel

In this episode of the Big Picture Social Emotional Learning Podcast we’re going to learn about the life-altering impact we can enjoy by developing Developmental Relationships. This conversation was with Kent Pekel, the President and CEO of Search Institute, an internationally recognized, not-for-profit organization that, for over 70 years, has been successfully accomplishing something that, unfortunately, is quite uncommon: bringing together research and practice, which Kent refers to as APPLIED RESEARCH.  Research that is proven to support young people to BE their best selves and to continuing growing as their best selves. Of course, that’s what we’re all committed to achieving with the kids and students in our lives, which is why I was certain you’d appreciate learning about a resource that can support you in your efforts.

You can download a PDF copy of the Developmental Relationships Framework (In either English or Spanish), and you can learn more about how to support the relationship-building efforts of your school, your after school, and even your own home life at the website:  www.search-institute.org You’ll find a wealth of tools and resources there… many of them FREE.

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A short video by Kent that provides some valuable insights, and some simple yet effective approaches to enriching relationships with youth:   Overcome Barriers to Build And Strengthen Relationships With Youth

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