26 minutes | May 3rd 2020

Ep. 68 - Real Conversations with Kids, with Nick Terrones

Our young students and our young children look to us to interpret the world for them … especially during out-of-the-ordinary times like the ones in which we are all living with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Young children will not ask for our thoughts or about our feelings, BUT they will be picking up on what we are communicating, even without words … which is why I was so glad to welcome back Nick Terrones to share some of his valuable insights about the importance of communication that honors children’s innately sensitive perceptions about all that’s going on in the world around them.

Nick makes it abundantly clear in this conversation why it is crucial that we prioritize clear, honest, factual, uncomplicated, explanations that are genuinely respectful of kids’ intelligence, and their perpetually alert awareness… as well as their need for us to be fully present with them during those kinds of conversations … that sometimes feel like they require some deep emotional courage to do right for their best advantage.

Nick gives us a good example, too, and we share some laughs, as well …

If you have any questions around this challenge of communication with little ones, please share them on the Facebook page for this podcast. I’ll communicate them to Nick and invite him back to share more of his warm hearted, highly educated approach to early childhood education.

In the meantime, just for fun I’ve included a link, in this show’s notes, to a wonderfully performed song for TIMES LIKE THESE, recorded by a fantastic group of today’s talented artists… properly distanced, of course.

I hope you’ll listen to the lyrics … this song, and this performance, have a very good chance of putting a smile on your face: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GElP4YdrBE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2jQ58XJfAVPYrDX4G4ASsxTqJvCmxe3HOfa6uBqQ1wQpHwPYecZ0ujoQY

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