43 minutes | May 1st 2020

Ep. 67 - Rough-housing with Little Ones, with Nick Terrones

There are thousands and thousands of incredible, kind, caring, loving, nurturing, inspired and inspiring early childhood educators … and you, dear listener, may very well be one of them.  In this episode, I’ll be introducing you to one of the brightest stars on your noble team:  Nick Terrones.  Since 2006, Nick has been working with toddlers, and with those lucky kids’ families.

I could go on and on, expressing my immeasurable respect for Nick’s wisdom, his clarity of purpose, and his heart-filled humanity, but your time is better spent listening to him than to me.

Always more to be learning and understanding about the little ones in our care, eh? Did you gain new layers of appreciation for Nick’s approach to nurturing the wholistic development of young children?  I loved his clear explanation about the neurophysiological differences between boys and girls … and how those differences make all the difference in the world.

In closing, I want to express my respect and appreciation for Nick’s involvement with the World Forum Foundation and his focused attention in the Men in ECE Working Group with that organization. Check out those links … it’s a quality organization.

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