28 minutes | Apr 24th 2020

Ep. 66 - Environmental Sustainability & SEL, with Ruth Wilson, Ph.D.

A major criteria I have for inviting people to share conversation with me on this, the Big Picture Social Emotional Learning podcast, is that they have rich experience and creative insights into an essential dimension of social emotional learning … EVEN if, from the common understanding or point of view, their focus area is not immediately associated with social emotional learning. Hello. My name is Nini White, and I am so glad you’re here to experience the simple, yet uncommon and profound wisdom of Ruth Wilson, Ph.D. Ruth currently devotes most of her time to writing and consulting on issues relating to young children and nature… and with 30 years as a dedicated classroom teacher and as a teacher educator, Ruth has the big-hearted, gentle authority to more than qualify for her current responsibilities as the Research Library Curator of the Children & Nature Network. I fully trust that you will appreciate Ruth’s far-reaching wisdom during our conversation. Be sure to listen to this episode all the way through to get info about valuable resources: Ruth wanted you to be sure to check out the Children & Nature Network. Here’s the link: https://www.childrenandnature.org/ You may also be interested in Ruth’s most recent book, Learning is in Bloom. Ruth’s other book is: Nature and Young Children: Encouraging Creative Play and Learning in Natural Environments. Ruth also mentioned this book: Last Child in the Woods, by Richard Louv Though not directly connected, but relevant in so many fascinating ways, I recently came across a documentary about a couple that decided to go “all in” living in harmony with Nature… “The Biggest Little Farm.” If you’re enjoying this podcast, please give us a rating and a review … it really will help us to reach more educators and parents … for children’s sake. Thank you. Thank you so much. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/nini-white/message
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