28 minutes | Feb 27th 2020

Ep. 60 - Rethinking Kindness, with Wendy Zacuto

We have a duty to teach children the ways of kindness and thoughtfulness within and throughout all of their actions. In this conversation, Wendy Zacuto deepens and expands the boundaries of what even our youngest students need and deserve to understand about the critical role of kindness in the world,  which is in so much need of more kindness, more justice, more equity, more fairness, more compassion, more big picture awareness of the blind spots that we are often surprised to discover we have… and we are unknowingly passing along to the young children in our care.

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Please check out https://wendyzacuto.com/ if you'd like to be in direct contact with today's guest.  She is, as I'm sure you could tell, big-hearted, deeply knowledgable and clear-minded in the most well-balanced proportions... and I know she'd love to hear from you.

By the way,  this episode really deserves all of your attention… so if you’re able to set aside any distractions while listening, I think you’ll be glad you did.

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