24 minutes | Feb 19th 2020

Ep. 59 - Teacher-Friendly & Kid-Friendly TRANSITIONS, with RAE PICA

Since 1980, Rae Pica has been an education consultant specializing in whole child development, children's physical activity, and the mind/body connection. Rae is a former college instructor, and she's the author of 19 books. Rae's experience and insights have been sought out by Sesame Street Research Department, Head Start, Centers for Disease Control, the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues, Gymboree, Nike, and state health departments throughout the country. There’s more, much more … which you can find at her website: www.raepica.com.

I’ve been learning from Rae for years, but never made contact … until recently, when I saw that she’d created an online course to help early childhood educators with the massive challenge of creating smooth transitions between activities.  What Rae shares with us, in this all-too-brief conversation, is some fun and practical ways to make everyone’s school time flow more smoothly for much happier days.

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