57 minutes | Aug 19th 2020

Being the Son of a Teen Mom - Special Guest: Noah Buckley

Nothing says "full circle" like the baby you had in high school growing up to make fun of you for having a baby in high school.

Sara got pregnant at 17 in her junior year of high school. After turning 18, Sara and Sterling (who was 21) got married and two weeks later Noah was born. Sara finished high school while being a stay at home mom and new wife!

We quickly learned that Noah was my clone in almost every way. That has only proven more and more true as he gets older and comes into his own. I wasn't officially diagnosed with ADD until age 27 and as a kid always felt my parents didn't quite "get" me. I actually felt that way my entire life until Noah. We just get each other. We joke, think, love, and shit talk Sterling the same.

In this episode, I interview my smart ass little twin with questions submitted by you guys plus a few of my own. Things quickly spiral into our accent impressions and inside jokes, so don't be alarmed if you don't follow along, hahahaha.

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