33 minutes | Sep 14, 2017

75- Ernest Scared It With Blues, Brother

Jamie and Alex riff on The Blues Brothers, trudge the sewer drains looking for Georgie, and begin Jamie’s #52PickUp Halloween Season with the first of eight Horror Films: Ernest Scared Stupid. ==Timestamps== Jamie– The Blues Brothers (Starts at 00:00) Alex– Stephen King’s It (11:13) #52PickUp #36– Ernest Scared Stupid (23:27) Plugs and Close– (28:49)  *Secret Links below! Download us on iTunes every Thursday!! Subscribe and comment below to join the conversation! Now on Stitcher! Follow us on Facebook!  /NotQuitePod Follow us on Twitter! @NQHPod On Instagram– Jamie | Alex | Tim Do you have questions, suggested movies, or topics for us to discuss? Email us at  NotQuitePod@gmail.com Visit Jamie’s blog at GuyOnAWire. See Tim on the Universal Lot! He’ll be the one showing you around! And visit Alex’s blog at Doggone Movie Reviews. And finally, see what Jamie looks like (hint: not so good) at his other project: We Need Movies. Listen here. ==LINKS== The Blues Brothers Sketches (Apparently, The BB just began to warm up the SNL audience) Blues Brothers 2000 Trailer The History of SNL Movies Hiding Pennywise From the Kids Ernest Scared Stupid Opening Credits  -Jamie (@GuyOnAWire)
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