83 minutes | Apr 26, 2021

Anna Codrea-Rado (Author & Podcaster) on Writing, Careers & The Changing Nature of Work

This week we’ve got another in-betweenisode because our diaries didn’t match up for us to record a podcast so we’re releasing an interview that Ali recently did with journalist, author and podcaster Anna Codrea-Rado. Anna worked for VICE and the Guardian before going freelance 4 years ago and her articles now appear in the New York Times, the Guardian, BBC, Wired, the Atlantic, Vice, and loads of others. She’s just released her first book entitled “You’re the Business: How to build a successful career when you strike out alone” which focusses on working for yourself and offers insights she’s learnt since she went freelance in 2017. Ali spoke with her about the world of work, careers, the challenges she faced going alone and how she hopes the book can help those who want to follow a similar path. It’s a really interesting discussion because Ali and Anna both made similar decisions in terms of starting their own businesses but obviously in very different sectors so I hope you find this interesting. We’ll be back with a full episode next week.LinksYou're The Business (Anna's Book)Anna's Twitter, Website, LinkedIn, Instagram.Sponsored by BrilliantThis episode is kindly supported by Brilliant, the best way to learn maths, science, and computer science online. Brilliant focuses on helping you learn how to think, rather than just memorising methods and facts. Sign up at https://brilliant.org/notoverthinking — the first 100 people get 20% off an annual subscription.Join our Membership Community ThingIf you'd like to potentially join the Not Overthinking membership community thing (we discuss it halfway through this episode), please fill out your info here - https://airtable.com/shr1UZc8sWnhAEwJgLeave us a ReviewIf you enjoy listening to the podcast, we'd love for you to leave us a review on iTunes / Apple Podcasts. Here's a link that works even if you're not on an iPhone :) Send us an Audio MessageWe really want to include more listener comments and questions in our episodes. If you've got any thoughts on this episode, or if you've got a conundrum or question you'd like us to discuss, send an audio file / voice note to hi@notoverthinking.com. For any non-audio comments, drop us a tweet or DM on Twitter - https://twitter.com/noverthinking 
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