112 minutes | Aug 23, 2018

The Ballad of Tam Lin

Hello everybody, I am back! and I have an exciting episode to share with you today. This episode discusses Roddy McDowall’s one and only directorial endeavor, his film: “The Ballad of Tam Lin”, aka The Devil’s Widow, AKA Games and Toys, etc, etc. This movie is one of the most obscure movies ever made, but it is a movie that must not be missed. Roddy’s creative vision for this film is absolutely staggering, and the love he poured into this movie is obvious in each and every gorgeously luscious shot! I hope you enjoy this episode of Not Just Yesterday. The photograph of Roddy and Ava taken on the set of The Ballad of Tam Lin (1969). Like the photo on Roddy’s vanity, this is also inscribed “Dear Roddy, Its obvious I love, trust, honor and obey you – I do. Love, Ava.” I described it incorrectly in the podcast, Roddy is shown here caressing her chin, not clutching her hands to his chest as I had originally said. Photograph taken by me June 15th, 2018. (Copyright Zoe Dean 2018)   Roddy with Stephanie Beacham on the set of Tam Lin. Roddy Directing. A sweet moment between Ian and Ava. Le directeur. Roddy on set with his beloved Ava.
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