128 minutes | Nov 28, 2018

Inside Daisy Clover / Remembering Natalie Wood

Today, Not Just Yesterday: The Roddy McDowall Podcast remembers Roddy’s dear friend Natalie Wood on the 37th anniversary of her death.  In 1965, after having received star power for the first time after West Side Story, Natalie Wood was given the opportunity to choose a film role she absolutely wanted more than anything, and she chose Inside Daisy Clover.  Now allowed to exercise her powers of choice, she was allowed to choose who would direct the film, and who she wanted to be in the picture with her. Natalie chose Roddy McDowall to play Walter Baines, a very small part, but extremely greasy character, which Roddy seemed to enjoy playing immensely; Christopher Plummer as the sleazy studio mogul, Ruth Gordon as Daisy’s mother, and Robert Redford as her love interest. This film not only cultivated Natalie’s close friendship with Roddy, but created new lifelong friendships with Plummer, Redford, and Gordon, and would be marked forever as the beginning of new successes for all involved in the production. Though the film itself was intrinsically a flop, it’s backstory was very interesting, and therefore I couldn’t pass up bringing this story to life. I hope you enjoy “Inside Daisy Clover.”   Post Script: To see Roddy’s home movies on Youtube via Luke Sacher’s channel, follow the link here I mention in the episode about a petition started by Rock Hudson’s cousin Susan Kimble to have Rock commemorated on a postage stamp by the United States Postal Service. As promised in the episode, here is the link where you can go to sign the petition. You can also find it on the Podcast’s facebook page Here are some more pictures from the production of Daisy Clover for your enjoyment.
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