94 minutes | Sep 17, 2019

“Cleopatra”/ Happy 91st Birthday, Roddy!

After two years of planning, extensive study of the film’s history, a slight case of obsession and a revamped format for the show, the infamous Cleopatra episode for Roddy’s birthday has finally come to fruition! It’s been a rough ride getting this show off the ground, but, as I say in the show, a good friend of mine once said “Things worth doing take time”; and this show was certainly no exception! Though the episode primarily focuses on Elizabeth Taylor, I know Roddy would be very pleased with the way it came out, and as the film was so very important to him, not only on a personal level but also professionally; I’m sure he would be thrilled to hear this episode were he alive and with us in the flesh today. However, though (in two weeks time) he will have left this mortal coil 21 years ago, he is still with us in spirit, and I’m sure he’s proud to see this day finally come. I hope you all enjoy Roddy’s special birthday episode, on “Cleopatra”. ~Zoe
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