29 minutes | Oct 15th 2020

Episode 37: What if We Taught the Way Children Learn (with Rae Pica)

Rae Pica is a force to be reckoned with.  With her unapologetic straight-talk, she has been advocating for children and for whole child education for decades, filling shelves of books with her words and inspiring educators around the world.    Her latest book, What if We taught the Way Children Learn, fits the pattern, calling into question the many instances where our common practices seem to be at odds with what should be common sense about how young children learn and grow.  In fact, Dr. Eric Jensen says: “Rae Pica’s powerful, thought-provoking book provides rare and uncommon. Our kids would be MUCH better off if we practiced the way this book suggests we do, and so would the educators around them.”   If you’ve ever questioned the status quo in early education or wondered how you could better educate the whole child – particularly during this time of unique regulations – you’re going to want to listen to what Rae Pica has to share.   Find Show Notes at: https://notjustcute.com/podcast/episode37
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