75 minutes | Feb 14th 2021

NIACW 395 Thor The Dark World

Oh boy. Drew assures us that there’s a great Thor movie ahead but this is not that.   At 44:15 the brothers discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, previously covered by J and Drew in depth in episode 286. #thor #thorthedarkworld #notinacreepyway #mcu.   Housekeeping starts at 00:59:30 where they discuss Apple Podcast charts, kids back in schools, Better Call Saul, the Covid Vaccine, Operation Odessa, and listener Connie’s retirement.   File length 1:15:02 File Size 50.6 MB Theme by Jul Big Green via SongFinch Subscribe to us on iTunes Listen to us on Stitcher Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Send your comments to show@notinacreepyway.com Visit the show website at www.notinacreepyway.com
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