55 minutes | Apr 28, 2020

Katharine Hepburn: Alice Adams

You can't win 'em all. Katharine Hepburn got a quick follow-up Oscar nomination after her first win, but this time she lost to Bette Davis in 1935's Dangerous, a film with a name so vague it's impossible to discern what it's about. As an added incentive to listen: across three seasons of this podcast, this episode contains my favorite Oscar trivia I've ever come across. We're diving into all things Dangerous and Alice Adams, so kick back and enjoy an incredibly sweaty dinner with Michael (@mjdomanico) and Walter (@walthickey), won't you?  Subscribe here: http://apple.co/2xNuu0Q Thank you to Lyanne Natividad for our podcast artwork and Braxton Burks for our theme music!
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