125 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

Ep.24 The NeverEnding Story (feat. Josh Day)

Will you help Fantasia survive, or will you let the Big Nothing take over these beloved characters? Listen to Kyle and Josh while they part out the reasons why this is actually an INTERACTIVE FILM! Featuring:Josh DayJosh is a comedian in the greater Boston/New Hampshire area. His mad wit, and his hilarious blend of absurd wordplay with dark concepts and harsh realities make his performances one-of-a-kind! Keep your ear to the ground for one of his shows by following him on: Facebook: Josh DayOr "Stone Church Comedy Series" Instagram: @joshdaycomedy Twitter: @JoshDayComedy Special Thanks To:Fesliyan Studios - For Storm NoisesRyan Maguire - For Rocking Like Dream Theater (Intro Music)Brieana Woodward - YOU ARE LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS MOVIE! (Art)Joe Moubhij - For His Lovely Real-World Skills! (IT Advice) And the incredible team behind this film. It would be unjust to give anyone specifically praise here. Every single one of you paid so much attention, and focused so much love, all into a film that has undoubtedly made a profound difference in a lot of peoples lives. The way we tell stories matter just as much as the story itself.
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