71 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

Ep.23 Bone Tomahawk (feat. Joe Moubhij)

Howdy, Pardner! Are you lookin for a John Wayne flick that'll slip past that pesky democratic sensorship!? WELL HERE'S YER FLICK! Featuring: Joe Moubhij!Electrical Engineer by day,  and Kyle's #1 best friend by night! He's now a series regular! Please....I mean PLEASE flood my email with hate mail....I AM BEGGING YOUEmail: ThisIsNotFilmSchool@gmail.comTwitter: @NotFilmSchool69Facebook: Not Film SchoolInsta: NotFilmSchoolPodcastTwitch: NotStreamSchool Special Thanks to:Fesliyan Studios - For the Western Music (Skit Music)Ryan Maguire - For The Rock 'n Roll Music (Intro Music)Brieana Woodward - For DRAWING (Get it, like drawing a gun?) (Art)Joe Moubhij - For BEING MY BEST FRIEND! (Co-Host) And to S. Craig Zahler, I know things aren't black and white, and in reality your views don't fit into a "yes" or "no" spectrum for what you portray in your films. But from someone who seems to implore people to "call it like they see it": I can't help but take your advice.
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