107 minutes | Jun 18, 2021

#39: GUEST APPEARANCE - Paul Dermody Interviews me on: Hate on Social Media, Critical Thinking, Aggressive Dieting and Much Much More!

This episode is from my guest appearance on Paul Dermody's podcast: ’The Paul Dermody Podcast’.  We discuss how MNU and MN School of Nutrition are filling gaps in the world of nutrition, the necessity of critical thinking, extreme nutrition cult followings, social justice, aggressive dieting & more! A mammoth episode! Enjoy!! TOPICS 05:14 - How MNU filled a gap in the world of nutrition 13:29 - The importance of having a fundamental understanding of nutrition 19:50 - How to improve critical thinking through accepting your own bias 36:40 - Why the anti-diet movement has become extremist 01:1:23 - How 'cancel culture’ is affecting society 01:15:16 - My experience with hate on social media and how I overcome it 01:34:40 - The benefits of and misconceptions around aggressive dieting
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