31 minutes | May 28, 2021

#36: NUTRITION - Creatine: How Much To Take, When To Take It & What To Take It With

In this episode, we reach the pinnacle of the creatine series! I discuss exactly how to work out HOW MUCH creatine YOU need. I tell you exactly WHEN you need to take it. I also discuss a couple of things to avoid! References for the studies discussed can be found at www.Martin-MacDonald.com/Ep36 TOPICS 00:50 - How exactly I put creatine in my mouth 03:40 - How to work out exactly HOW MUCH creatine YOU need 06:37  - The two effective strategies for Creatine loading 14:40 - The optimal time to take creatine  19:21 - The truth about taking creatine & caffeine together 24:10 - Should you cycle your creatine 27:20 - Responders vs Non responders
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