29 minutes | May 22, 2021

#35: NUTRITION - Creatine: Hair Loss, Acne, Gut Side Effects, Pregnancy & Breastfeeding!

In this episode I give you the final word on the hot topics of hair loss & acne. I also discuss all of the evidence & nuance around using creatine during pregnancy & whilst breastfeeding. I also give some interesting insights into how to stop creatine upsetting your stomach & how it might actually help gut health!! This is a good one not to be missed! References for the studies discussed can be found at www.Martin-MacDonald.com/EP35 Time points: 01:09 - Does creatine lead to hair loss? 06:53 - Creatine, skin health and acne 09:08 - How to optimise your creatine dose for a happy gut 16:34 - What you should know about taking creatine in pregnancy 24:09 - Can you take creatine whilst breastfeeding?  26:31 - Can children benefit from creatine?
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