31 minutes | May 1, 2021

#30: NUTRITION - Intro to Creatine & It’s Use For Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

In this episode, I begin a series, that many of you have been asking for, on creatine!   My main focus of this episode is to introduce the areas I’m going to cover then focus on just how effective creatine is for building muscle! All the references I mention can be found at  www.Martin-MacDonald.com/EP30 TOPICS 03:33 - Introducing the wide range of domains that creatine may benefit! 09:25 - Creatine in the treatment of brain injury 14:21 - How creatine can increase muscle mass 20:01 - Does creatine make you fat? 23:31 - How creatine can improve your training 28:12 - What to consider when taking creatine during a fat loss phase
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