45 minutes | Apr 25, 2021

#29: WISDOM - Snowflakes, Cancel Culture & The Fickleness of Social Media

While it will take an astute listener to realise it. The purpose of this episode was and is to encourage my GOOD listeners to act with compassion. To encourage my students and mentees to seek to truly understand those with differing views, before reacting to their perhaps skewed viewpoints.

I also go on a little rant about people CHOOSING to be offended. Sorry not sorry.


00:38 - The post I did this week that triggered the Karens & the Zanoons

07:00 - Before you get offended, consider this...

12:01 - The importance of compassion, always

16:06 - Cancel culture & social justice warriors playing the IG game...

22:57 - BMI and Oppression 

28:48 - Having a bigger body isn't a free pass to discriminate 

31:53 - Evidence-based practitioners must be the ‘bigger people’ in online debates

39:14 - The downside of having success on social media

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