49 minutes | May 8, 2021

Mini Donkey Laundry Machine Aficionado

Spoiler alert for Beauty and the Beast (2017). This episode could have been shorter, but we had a lot to say about barrels. Also lots of love and thanks to Wyndham Jennings (@CFeverDreams) and L.M. of Fanatically Correct (@M_s_K_2316) for contributing content to this episode! Remember, friends, no one can stop you from talking to as many inanimate objects as you please. Thank you to our new Patron! Don't forget to check out It Goes Down in the PM (@ItGoDowninthePM) Find "Float" here (but don't watch until you're in a safe and comfortable head space): https://youtu.be/1HAGuju_yKY Support Us: Ko-fi.com/NotAgain BuyMeACoffee.com/PotatoLady Patreon.com/PotatoLady Merch: www.teespring.com/stores/potato-lady-merch Maintaining My Marbles Merch specifically Social Media: Facebook.com/groups/NotAgainPod Not Again! is @NotAgainPod on Twitter Rebecca is @BexGoos (both Twitter and Instagram) Rebecca's Twitch: twitch.tv/potatoladybex Rebecca's YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCeCCnxs2bcLDdSl8jP8QeuA Rebecca's website is www.potatoladypodcastreviews.com and you can sign up for her newsletter, The Monthly Mash, by going here: bit.ly/MonthlyMash
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