39 minutes | Sep 15th 2020

Episode 69: A Nurse’s Life in a pandemic, Linzi Lyson

Frontline worker, Linzi Lyson joins Katy Rey on Not a Great Whisperer podcast to discuss everything she has experienced as a Labor and Delivery Nurse throughout this pandemic. With a lot of laughter and stories we talk about the changes she has endured through the last 6 months. She is an inspiration with her positive attitude and love for the patients and babies she takes care of. She discusses her life as a mother and losing her father. Her journey to becoming an RN is eye opening and Katy Rey can personally attest to Linzi finding her purpose because Linzi was one of the nurses that delivered her third baby, Jasmine. We are thankful that there are people like Linzi on the frontlines helping others when they need it most.  Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Linzi and Katy.