63 minutes | Aug 31, 2018

Episode 39: Mark O'Connell / Watching Skies

My guest this month is author Mark O'Connell, who joins me all the way from the U.K. for the full hour to discuss his great new book, Watching Skies: Star Wars, Spielberg, and Us. It's a fun and far-ranging conversation that touches on James Bond, Star Wars, the Spielberg output of the 1980s, and so much more as we dive deep into the Nostalgia Theater that shaped not only both of us, but entire generations of future film buffs! As always, you can listen to the show via the embed below, or subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or TuneIn Radio. As always, send all questions or comments our way via MovieFilmPodcast@gmail.com, and don't forget to hit "like" on our Facebook page
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