23 minutes | Oct 16, 2018

Episode #49 – Art in Authenticity & Event Design

Summary: Christie Yerks, Brittany Hagaman, and Laura Ritchie are the founders and owners of Grit & Grace Inc., an event designing company that does extensive event design planning and production for major large scale events, primarily weddings. Grit & Grace Inc. takes pride in their ability to push the creativity envelope and step outside the box to highlight what makes their clients unique through creative event design. They gracefully wear the grit that it takes to be an event planner as their brand, shining in authenticity to their clients and leading them along a path of success and synergy between them and just about everyone they work with. These ladies take us inside what it’s like to be an event designer, what to expect once you hire them, and how important it is to learn from your mistakes in order to grow. The Rundown: Introduction to Grit & Grace Inc. An inside look at the event planning process. The art of event design. Learning from mistakes. The team’s superpowers. The power of authentic branding. Time-Stamped Show Notes: [00:54] Introduction to Grit & Grace Inc. [01:20] Laura’s background. [02:20] How the girls teamed up. [04:20] Workload and clientele. [06:34] First steps with new projects. [08:22] Understanding event planning timelines. [08:51] Reflective event design. [10:17] Learning from mistakes. [13:15] The superpowers of Grit & Grace Inc. [17:14] The value of the company. [22:13] Reaching out.
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