27 minutes | Oct 10, 2018

Episode #46 – The Quest for Happiness is Not Perfect

Summary: Cindy Battino is the founder and owner of Transformational Healing, and in the past 26 years, she has become a life coach, energy worker, and happiness expert. Cindy began her quest to help others find happiness in the fitness industry as an aerobics instructor, then became a personal trainer. Realizing in her early 30s that she could not seem to find happiness for herself, Cindy embarked on her quest for happiness by spending years in therapy, attending workshops, and reading self-help books. Once she learned how to love herself, she decided to dedicate her energy to leading the way for others with her business Transformational Healing. The Rundown: Introduction to Cindy Battino. Healthy boundaries. The biggest benefits to therapy. Learning to get out of your own way. Cindy’s superpowers. Self-help recommendations. Time-Stamped Show Notes:  [01:07] Why people come to Cindy for help. [04:01] Speaking through the heart. [04:49] Cindy’s background. [06:16] Cindy’s quest for happiness. [08:35] Healthy boundaries. [09:58] Motivation behind living differently. [14:52] Learning to get out of your own way. [15:46] The most crucial improvements in people. [20:25] Cindy’s superpowers. [22:33] Self-help recommendations. SPECIAL GUEST OFFER: Tune in to this episode and be eligible for 50% OFF a 1.25 hour Welcome Session when you mention NOVA Advice Givers. EXPIRES: SUNDAY, NOV 4TH 2018
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