20 minutes | Oct 4, 2018

Episode #45 – Finding Purpose by Helping Others

Summary: Anne Beverly is the owner of the Bluebird Counseling Center. She specializes in Women’s Empowerment Therapy, but also opens her doors to individuals, families, couples, and teens. Her methods incorporate Solution-Focused Therapy, role-playing techniques, and positive self-talk. Helping people has always been her calling. Before she opened up her own counseling center, Anne was a special education teacher for ten years. She spent most of her career comforting parents and talking them through difficult times, which is how she discovered her passion for therapy. In this episode, Anne describes the importance of loving yourself and how self-love can be a learned thing if the right steps are taken. The Rundown: Introduction to Anne Beverly. Women’s Empowerment Therapy. Solution-Focused Therapy. Positive self-talk. Social media pros and cons. Reaching out. Time-Stamped Show Notes: [00:54] Introduction to Bluebird Counseling Center. [01:14] Anne’s background. [01:48] The turning point of Anne’s career. [03:48] Women’s Empowerment Therapy. [04:50] The length of recovery. [05:42] Solution-Focused Therapy. [08:01] The importance of following your passion. [10:08] Knowing when to seek help. [13:08] Positive self-talk. [14:12] Sourcing your inner-critic. [16:52] The pros and cons of social media. [19:03] Reaching out.
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