29 minutes | Sep 6, 2018

Episode #44 – Beating the Odds with Renewed Living

Summary: Elaine Gibson is the founder of Renewed Living as well as an author, speaker, private coach, green juicer, and grandmother. After she successfully beat stage four cancer without using traditional methods, her sole purpose became to help people lead extraordinary lives. Renewed Living is dedicated to getting you into a happier, healthier place that allows you to “dance vibrantly, youthfully, in your own unique style.” In this episode, Elaine shares her spiritual journey to recovery, the holy grail of health, what stops people from reaching their full potential, and how she hopes to impact the world. The Rundown: Recovery through education and positive thinking. The holy grail of health. What holds people back from living extraordinarily. Misconceptions of green juicing. Elaine’s legacy. Time-Stamped Show Notes: [00:52] Introduction to Elaine Gibson. [03:50] The beginning of Elaine’s spiritual journey. [06:57] Taking the learning approach. [09:15] Traditional methods in times of crisis. [11:05] The holy grail of health. [13:50] The seven most alkaline foods. [14:50] Crowding out unhealthy foods. [16:02] The ideal client. [18:58] The biggest thing holding people back. [22:43] The biggest misconception. [24:22] Self-talk success story. [27:06] Reaching out. [27:38] Elaine’s legacy.
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