29 minutes | Aug 24, 2018

Episode #43 – Overall Health Starts with Adjustment

Summary: Active Family Wellness, a full service chiropractic office located in Fairfax, VA, is founded and owned by Dr. Greg Lee and uses various modalities such as dry needling, disc decompression, stem, ultrasound, muscle work, rehabilitation, tool assisted scar tissue/adhesion removal, and nutritional counseling. The office primarily works with infants and pregnant women due to the extra care they require in the prevention of health problems, but they serve patients of all ages as well. Dr. Lee discusses the basic steps to achieving a healthy lifestyle, common misconceptions directed towards chiropractors, and the business model he used to become successful. The Rundown: ●      There are many misconceptions about chiropractic. ●      You live your life through your nervous system. ●      6 factors for a healthy life. ●      Business success requires vision, leadership, systems, and people skills. ●      Health requires a proactive approach. Time-Stamped Show Notes: [00:58] Introduction to Active Family Wellness. [02:25] Common misconceptions. [03:50] The premise of chiropractic. [05:40] The focus on pregnant patients. [07:29] Being proactively healthy versus reactively healthy. [09:00] The benefits of seeing a chiropractor. [10:25] What a first-time visit looks like. [12:35] Dr. Lee’s origin story. [13:28] Dr. Lee’s rebirth story. [15:28] The six principles of health. [16:56] The Active Family Wellness business system. [19:31] Growing through difficult times. [22:50] Dr. Lee’s most memorable patients. [24:16] On the horizon. [25:51] Reassuring the skeptics. [28:26] Reaching out.
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