68 minutes | Dec 26th 2019

NSP:114 David Hallamore SCORKL | Luke Growney NINEPIN

Interview with SCORKL founder David Hallamore then Ninepin Wetsuits Luke Growney This episode is a double episode with two Melbourne based entrepreneurs, David Hallamore from the highly successful crowdfunding SCORKL campaign and Luke Growney the owner operator of Ninepin Wetsuits. I caught up with David in an inner city Melbourne pub and learn about the SCORKL journey so far. The same day I had a full day spearfishing outside Port Phillip bay with Luke Growney and we catch up in his backyard with a few brews. This episode (and Melbourne trip) were fully funded by Time Stamps 3:30 Scorkle Founder and Inventor David Hallamore intro 5:30 What is Scorkle? 8:00 Risks | What are they and how do you use Scorkl safely? 13:00 Who are idea SCORKL users? 22:00 The Scorkl Journey 31:50 Find Scorkl here   Check out Scorkl on YouTube here   37:50 Luke Growney a Melbourne Days Diving 41:00 Lukes story getting into spearfishing 43:00 Ninepin Freediving Suits Story. Find Ninepin Spearfishing suits here   47:40 What equipment struggles did you have starting out? 53:20 Some Boating Electronics Tips: Using Gain 56:30 Scariest moment and takeaways 57:40 Scrounging for scallops, oysters and mussels 62:00 What is your favourite thing about spearfishing? 62:45 Funny Moments Noob Spearo Partners + some spearfishing discounts . Use the code NOOBSPEARO save $20 on every purchase over $200 at checkout. . Listen to 99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing Subscribe to the best spearfishing magazine in the world. Use the code noobspearo to save $20 on the full Penetrator Spearfishing Fin Range . How to Spearfish : use the code NOOBPEARO to save! Spearo Immersion Online freediving classes @ 28-day Freediving Transformation. Want to increase your bottom time? Want to lower your comfortable operating depth?  Want to increase your breath hold? In 4 weeks you can transform your physiology to improve your performance as a freediver.  Learn the proven strategies competitive freedivers use to strengthen their performance. Equalization Masterclass.  If you are freediver who struggles to equalize your ears in the 15-30 ft range this course is the answer. 14 videos discuss every equalizing problem and coach you through the difficulty. Say goodbye to Valsalva and hello to Frenzal and make equalizing easy. Tuesday Ted Talks Freediving. 19 one hour live Instagram episodes where I discuss a variety of freediving topics and answer peoples question live on Instagram. Free online courses – How to take a 20-30% bigger breath and how to make the mammalian dive reflex work for you. – Free online safety resource. View all of Ted’s online freediving classes @
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