50 minutes | Mar 19th 2020

069 The Radioactive Chicken Heads

I sit down with Carrot Topp from Radioactive Chicken Heads Notes: Not your average band of poultry punks fronted by a giant mutant vegetable, the Radioactive Chicken Heads are rapidly spreading their genetically modified rock 'n' roll across the planet...Beware, if you are reading this, you may have already been contaminated.  This motley group of mutants first emerged from the laboratory of Dr. Baron Von Kluckinstein, a product of the infamous mad scientist's experiments to create super-sized frankenfoods.  Tired of being cooped up in the dreary lab all day, the Radioactive Chicken Heads escaped to freedom and have since dedicated their lives to rockin' out.  Since making their national television debut on the Tyra Banks show in 2006, the Radioactive Chicken Heads toured the US, Canada, Mexico and Peru, released 4 full length albums, filmed numerous music videos, and produced their own video game.  In October 2017 the Chicken Heads premiered a new album, "Tales From the Coop," as well as a 3 part television pilot.  By exposing the masses to their musical mayhem, the band hopes to bridge the gap between all humans, chickens, and vegetables on earth and beyond... Recommended Show: 007 Pottymouth Musician Links: Website   Sponsor: AnarchoCoffee Victory Voice Overs Warman Guitars   Contact: Rocky Ferrenburg Email   Support: Support the show directly at Patreon. Buy your Amazon products through here to support the show! Buy your eBay products through here to support the show!   Subscribe to Noisemaker Playlists: Rap/Pop Alternative Rock Hard Rock/Metal Rock Country Easy Listening
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