32 minutes | Jan 29th 2021

Jennifer Gates: ...why it's so important to have a growth mindset

Joining us on this episode is accomplished show jumper Jennifer Gates, one of the top Under 25 riders in the US, President of Evergate Stables, medical student, and daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates, co-chairs of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We sat down with Jenn to find out more about how she copes with the ups and downs of such a challenging sport and how she balances medical school with riding at a top level.Note: this episode previously aired in March 2020 and is part of our 'Best Of' series.******Thanks to our sponsor of this episode!--> Hello Fresh: Find out for yourself why Hello Fresh is America's #1 Meal Kit! Go to hellofresh.com/nobodytoldme10 and use code 'nobodytoldme10' for 10 free meals, including free shipping. --> AirMedCare: If you're ever in need of emergency medical transport, AirMedCare Network provides members with world class air transport services to the nearest appropriate hospital with no out of pocket expenses. Go to airmedcarenetwork.com/nobody and use offer code 'NOBODY' to sign up and choose up to a $50 eGift Card gift card with a new membership!--> Word Forest: Sharpen your mind and increase your focus by playing this addictive puzzle app for word search addicts! Word Forest is offering listeners 2500 coins and 500 gems when you download it on the Apple or Google stores. No code is needed.--> Qube Money: We could all use thisbank account and a budgeting app rolled into one! It helps you spend money with purpose and intention, so you can prevent those unnecessary impulse purchases!) Go to qubemoney.com/ntm to create a free account!****** Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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