26 minutes | Apr 4th 2021

Dr: Ellyn Bader: ...how to work together successfully as a couple

It takes a lot of work to make a relationship work! For more than 30 years, our guest, psychologist Dr. Ellyn Bader has specialized in helping couples transform their relationships. Ellyn and her husband, Dr. Peter Pearson, co-founded The Couples Institute in Silicon Valley, where they work with entrepreneurial couples including CEOs, startup founders, and small business owners, helping them better understand and overcome the unique challenges of managing a business and marriage simultaneously (and successfully).Note: this episode originally aired in November 2019 and is part of our 'Best Of' series.******Thanks to our sponsor of this episode!--> Care/Of: to get 50% off your first order, go to takecareof.com and enter code 'nobodytoldme50' at checkout.--> HelloFresh: go to hellofresh.com/nobodytoldme12 and use code nobodytoldme12 for 12 free meals, including free shipping! Find out why for yourself why HelloFresh is America's #1 Meal Kit!****** Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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