125 minutes | Nov 7, 2018

Episode 05: Minimalism + Distractions

Topics discussed in this episode: How we became “accidental minimalists” Downsizing your space, city, and cost of living Where to start + how to declutter your “zones of chaos” Why we emotionally self-sabotage and hold on to stuff Creating monthly decluttering + de-owning rituals How to make “real life” feel more like vacation Protecting your time, energy, and resources Ditching your to-do list + eliminating distractions Overcoming the guilt + shame of outsourcing Finding a house cleaner and personal assistant How to build your own “minimalist business” Becoming unbusy and simplifying your schedule Embracing your “power hours” and doing deep work Peak performance and prioritizing breaks The comparison trap and how to avoid it For the full show notes go to nobodytalksaboutthis.com.
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