66 minutes | Apr 23, 2017

A Dem and a Libertarian Talk On Skype - You Won't Believe What They Say

Noah Dyer is a Democratic candidate for Governor of Arizona.  Mike Shipley is Secretary of the Arizona Libertarian Party (AZLP.org), Chair of Outright Libertarians (OutrightUSA.org), and Chair of Grassroots Citizens Concerned (refer2404.org).  Outright Libertarians is a group that bridges the Libertarian Party with the GSM (LGBTQ) community.  Grassroots Citizens Concerned is the political committee that is driving the HB2404 Referendum.  Noah is Secretary.  HB2404 is a bill that makes it harder to circulate petitions for citizens initiatives and referendums. They discuss Libertarian principles in general, after which they touch on: Why HB2404 is bad for Arizona and how the people can stop it by signing the referendum petition. Why Libertarians would give Noah's education plan mixed reviews. Why Libertarians would give Noah's job creation plan mixed reviews. Why Libertarians are all about Noah's plan to pay down the state debt. Why Libertarians strongly agree with Noah's immigration policies. Stop reading and check it out!
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