71 minutes | Aug 13th 2020

NoAdvisory Talks Beirut explosions, Trump, W.A.P, and much More!

The crew is back with yet another entertaining show!!!! 

In this episode we have Mookie's "Word of the day" "FECCUND & WAP' and the crew take their NoAdvisory English courses in using the words in a sentence ahhhhhhhh! 

Then Knee Lick Nations Founder Chocolate Dymond hits us with that "Dats It Dats all" segment talking about the postmaster withholding mail which may or may not have an effect on the upcoming election...

Then The dude from school and the Jerk at work PETTY brings the Petty Perspectives asking the audience can you tell if ya man's gay by the way they drive???

We also have our "Artist Of The Week" None other than KingCole playing his new Hit Record "*Fucks"

Come listen and be entertained by Charlotte's Most DANGEROUS crew

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