42 minutes | Jul 4, 2018

The Monolith Monsters & Kronos

Part XIV in our Classic Sci-Fi series! Another Double Feature of Gigantic Proportions! These low budget sci-fi potboilers that kept the back burners simmering as the cycle was winding down to a close feel closer to disaster films than monster movies. Perhaps they belong to a strange subset of gerne that should be classified as "Unnatural Disaster" films! Think of the unexplored potential hidden in these near forgotten classics, just waiting for energetic new filmmakers to exploit! BTW, check out the baby carriage in the poster for Monolith Monsters. Somebody had Battleship Potemkin on their mind. And if you didn't get enough of him in the Giant Claw, Jeff Morrow is back with a big boner in Kronos! (That will make sense when you listen to the show) Next Up: The Blob & The Fly!
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