41 minutes | Aug 19th 2020

Holy Fall Guys, Batman! - Extrasode 8

What level of Batman: Arkham Asylum fan are you? Adrian: Asylum, Michael: City, Matthew: Knight. Promptly after recording this, Adrian did in fact get his first Crown in Fall Guys. Well done, Adrian. I’m proud of you.

Michael and Matt played Marvel’s Avengers. Adrian did not quite assemble, but Matt gives a quick review.

Cyberpunk 2077 – delays have meant we had to re-work our calendar, and we chose our lifepath for Cyberpunk, getting excited and organized.

Adrian has become a professional Magic: The Gathering: Arena player, and because of that, Adrian smacks down Hearthstone. Get yourself a toilet game! For now, it’s Old School Runescape, and soon, it will be Magic Arena.

We also talk about Rogue Company, Paper Mario: The Origami King, Matt’s Grand Theft Auto Online story, and much more!

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Extrasode 8

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