30 minutes | Apr 22nd 2020

Interbeing, Zen Meditation, & the Next Right Thing with Dr. Kritee Kanko

Climate scientist and Zen Buddhist Dr. Kritee Kanko shares her journey through depression into interbeing with the No Place Like Home family. We look at ecodharma and how meditation and Buddhist teachings can help us navigate the climate crisis - and any crisis.  

In this new “Bring the Light” season, we’re exploring how spirituality helps us face the climate crisis. This isn’t something we can beat with technology, policy and science alone. It takes heart and strength and courage - the kinds of things many people draw from their spiritual practices and faith traditions. 

Additional music: 

Chad Crouch - Pacing

Ketsa- Multiverse

Chad Crouch - Moonrise

Daniel Birch - Bodhi Ambient

Pictures of the Floating World - Memories