44 minutes | Sep 20, 2021

EP 145: Modern Stain Glass ft Sara Smigle

Aaron interviews Artist Sara Smigle from SmiggArt. Sara creates amazing Modern Stain Glass Art. You can see her work all over the US and especially in Maryland. She tells her story on how she did not start off as an artist but went the safer route. She knew her calling was in art and she returned to doing it full-time when the pandemic started. She discussed the art of Stain Glass and the process and how many of her customers want custom orders.   web: www.smiggart.com IG: smiggart Contributor Charmyra E. Fleming Romance Author Extraordinar  Sponsors: Zeke's Coffee  www.zekescoffee.com                           Indu Wellness  www.induwellness.com                                     Maggies Farm  www.maggiesfarm.com                                 FoundStudio Shop  www.foundstudioshop.com                                 Charm Craft City Mafia  www.charmcitycraftmafia.com               Siena Leigh https://www.sienaleigh.com                Fishnet.     www.eatfishnet.com                RYKMS:      https://www.facebook.com/RYMKSBaltimore/               Open Works https://www.openworksbmore.org    
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