32 minutes | Aug 23, 2021

EP 141: "If We Can Soar" Shanna B. Tiayon

Aaron Dante talked with Author Shanna B. Tiayon about her article she wrote for Pipe Wrench Magazine called “If We Can Soar” about the Birmingham Roller pigeons fanciers of South Central LA.  Shanna lives in Montgomery County now but she is originally from Hampton Roads Virginia area. She talks about pitching the her idea to Pipe Wrench Magazine and they loved it. She describes how writing for Pipe Wrench Magazine was so amazing and fulfilling. Pipe Wrench Magazine she says is like having a dinner party with friends reading your article.     https://pipewrenchmag.com www.nopixafterdark.com Sponsors: Zeke's Coffee  www.zekescoffee.com                    Pipe Wrench Mag: www.pipewrenchmag.com                                Indu Wellness  www.induwellness.com                                     Maggies Farm  www.maggiesfarm.com                                 FoundStudio Shop  www.foundstudioshop.com                                 Charm Craft City Mafia  www.charmcitycraftmafia.com               Siena Leigh https://www.sienaleigh.com                Fishnet.     www.eatfishnet.com                RYKMS:      https://www.facebook.com/RYMKSBaltimore/
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