61 minutes | Jun 4th 2019

S1E4 Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Welcome to the future! The future of No One is Listening Podcast that is! This episode is literally the basis for “How Stella Got Her Groove” back because we found the damn groove on this action packed ‘audio only’ Episode 4: Trey Parker & Matt Stone! The boys break down what makes Trey & Matt comedy titan’s! A full exploration of an incredible career allows Christopher, Dave, & Derrick relive their favorite memories & moments from South Park to Orgazmo! Join along if you enjoy anything at all but especially Trey Parker & Matt Stone! We fully expect you to be participating with our social media hourly now so make sure you hit us up & give us some good conversation about the great job the boys are doing so far with the greatest & only podcast on the entire internet. Also as a serious side note, the Magic Sack is filled so hard & ready to burst so make sure to listen to every second to discover what’s in store for EP 5.