66 minutes | Jun 4th 2019

S1E3 The Walking Dead

Hooray! You’ve made it to lucky Episode Number 3 of the tantalizing & insatiable No One is Listening Podcast! We’re officially your favorite podcast by now right? RIGHT? Well if we haven’t tickled your eardrums yet wait until you get a hot load of Christopher’s pick, Episode 3: The Walking Dead with our new cohost & furever friend Derrick! This episode is unique because Christopher decided to play show’n’tell which is PERFECTLY suited for an audio podcast as you know. That’s why we’re the best! So grab your favorite barbed-wire bat, rotted guts, and autographed picture of Norman Reedus on a motorcycle & strap on this wonderful exploration of the Walking Dead multiverse! Perfect for fans of the comic, show, video games, & dreamy Andrew Lincoln. Both Bob Stookey & Governor iteration fans are encouraged. Listen proud & loud, tell your friends about the only podcast available on the planet, No One is Listening Podcast.