44 minutes | Jun 4th 2019

S1E2 Maximum Carnage (Pilot Episode)

Holy Smokes! The boys of No One is Listening made it to their 2nd episode...Maximum Carnage! That’s right, the boys break down Dave’s choice, classic Marvel story-arc “Maximum Carnage.” Now that the dust has settled from the nerves of the pilot episode, the crew loosens up a bit much like the wild characters in Maximum Carnage. Dave & Brett bring along comic expertise & Christopher is still confused about Carrion & fake ass Thor until this day! Don’t know the deal with Carrion, fake ass Thor or futuristic, super tough video game villains? Then check this episode out! All Marvel fans must dive in & explore this wild ride with us! Plus its Brett’s last episode with No One is Listening! We miss you Brett! That alone is worth price of admission...FREE! Yeah, this podcast is free! Can you believe it? Tell your friends. Seriously, it gets better from here. Trust us.